Growing Your Reiki Practice

"When your intention is clear, so is the way." Alan Cohen

Reiki is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it may become. And using Reiki on yourself daily is just one way to improve your overall inner Reiki practice. In order to build your Reiki Practice we first start at INTENTION and then we move on to marketing your business.




Angie Webster writes, "When you begin to work with Reiki, you will hear that it is “based in intention”, and that “intention directs it”.  Intentions are statements of purpose that lead us to take certain actions."

Angie goes on to state that, "Both thought, and emotion are forms of energy. You can think of each as having their own kind of frequency. The mind produces its own frequency with thought and sends out that signal. We have many thoughts throughout the day, but most of them are random and not directed toward a specific purpose. The heart center has its own frequency in the form of emotions. The emotions are processed and felt through much of our body."

Your intention is a merging of thought and emotion, and the two energies work together to achieve your goal or intent. When the energy of the mind and the heart work in unison they bring to life the intention behind the thought and the emotion.

In a Reiki Session that involves clients we can have different intentions based on the client's needs or expectations. Our intention as a practitioner is to provide the best possible care for our client while we work with our clients to understand and develop intentions for their goals. And you can have more than one intent going into a Reiki Session.

With Reiki, using intention is as simple as first choosing the thought that you would like to have Reiki flow through you to a specific person or situation. Then, allowing all other thoughts to fall to the back of your mind, let your heart focus solely on loving energy, as if you are directing love and appreciation toward Reiki and toward the person or situation you have chosen to direct Reiki toward. These two frequencies will blend together beautifully and merge to create a shift and a healing effect. 

Keep in mind that we can work with different intentions at the same time. We can have long term intentions, ie., 'To be a channel of healing for the greatest good, " and shorter-term intentions serving individual client needs.

You will find that intention works this way in most any aspect of life. Your mind and the love and appreciation in your heart center are the keys to unlocking and activating frequencies that will shift things in everyday life, as well as in your own mind, body and spirit. It takes practice to learn to work with intention and even to understand the subtleties of what it truly is. But it can be a very interesting ongoing practice that can change your life for the better and help you to improve the world around you as well.

Thoughtful intentions can be set and even changed over time. We can set short term and long-term intentions for our Reiki Practice. We can set intentions..."On the Fly" based on specific and immediate goals. Intentions are not wishes and once set, an intention has to be followed through with action in order to release the flow of energy to the specific target. In my life, when I pray from the heart (often involves tears because the emotion is intense), my prayers are always answer. This is the merging of the thought energy and heart energy.



 Prior to a Reiki Session take 5 to 10 minutes to prepare. Find a quiet place with no distractions. Ask your guides for direction in setting intentions for a particular client or situation. Sit quietly and allow Reiki energy to fill your heart chakra. As you continue with this process your mind will understand the correct path to follow and lead the way to the perfect intention for the given situation. As you identify the intentions, write them down. Once you have decided on an intention or intentions, all of them to guide you through your next Reiki session.

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