Akashic Cord Cutting


Cord cutting is a powerful technique for severing energetic ties (cords) with people or situations. By doing so, we can improve our energy and let go of old relationship patterns that are no longer useful. Cord cutting can be used in various relationships, including romantic, family, friendship, and professional connections.


Let's take a closer look at cord cutting:


What are Negative Cords?

When we have a significant relationship with someone or experience impactful interactions, we form two energetic ties:


Positive Cord: Represents the good energies of the relationship--positive, easy, and happy connections.


Negative Cord: Reflects the unfavorable aspects of the relationship, containing negative, heavy energies. It is an actual energetic structure that connects our aura to theirs. Both parties contribute negative energies to this cord, affecting emotional health and well-being.


How Cord Cutting Works:

Cord cutting effectively limits the influence of negative patterns from past or present relationships. It's not a temporary fix; it has a permanent effect on our energy field. Cord cutting isn't always about letting go of challenging relationships; it can also involve releasing negative patterns within existing relationships.


Why Learn Cord Cutting?

As a Karuna Reiki Master and healer, I've found cord-cutting immensely rewarding. It helps clients:


- Get closure after break-ups.

- Release attachments to past partners.

- Heal from difficult experiences.

- Recover from abusive relationships.

- Improve existing relationships.

- Attract positive new experiences into their lives.


Remember, cord-cutting is a spiritual technology that can free us from the shadows of the past, allowing us to move forward with clarity and renewed energy.


Here's an overview of the process:


  1. Setting Sacred Space: 

Begin by invoking a Divine Being, such as an Ascended Master or an Archangel, to assist in moving energy and clearing negativity during the cord-cutting process. Then, create a sacred space for the session.


  1. Checking for Earthbound Spirits: 

Before proceeding with cord cutting, check if the client has earthbound spirits in their auric field. If earthbound spirits are present, address them in a separate session, as cord-cutting will not be practical if these spirits are still attached.


  1. Choosing Which Cord to Cut: 

Help the client decide which cord(s) they want to cut. Sometimes, there's an order to cut cords. For instance, it might be necessary to cut the cord to an ex-partner before cutting it to a family member. Spirit guidance can also reveal which cord is ready to be released.


  1. Permission from Divine Beings: 

Obtain permission from the Divine Being to cut the chosen cord. Read a permission statement aloud, acknowledging the intention to release the attachment.


  1. Understanding Cord Energies: 

Explore the energies contained within the cord. Reflect on the relationship dynamics, emotions, and memories associated with it.


  1. Journaling and Reflection: 

Encourage the client to journal and reflect on the relationship or situation. This step helps deepen awareness and facilitates the release process.


Remember that cord-cutting is a profound process that requires respect, intention, and guidance from higher realms. It's essential to approach it with reverence and openness to transformation. 


If you want Lynn Marie to perform your cord-cutting, please follow this link: reikishop.com/akashicdcordcutting. It will not be practical if these spirits are still attached.