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Distant Reiki Healing Explained

Transcending Time and Space.

The technique of Distant Reiki is a powerful tool that allows Reiki practitioners to offer energy healing sessions to recipients who are not physically present in the same location as the practitioner. This technique transcends the limitations of time and space, enabling the practitioner to transmit spiritual energy without the need for physical touch.    

Many people wonder how Distant Reiki works. According to traditional Japanese Reiki philosophy, it is believed that the technique works by invoking a state of Oneness or connection to everything. In this way, the practitioner is not "sending" Reiki energy to the recipient, but rather feeling one with them and sharing the energy in this state of Oneness. This principle of Oneness applies to other forms of distance healing as well.

You don't have to do anything special to receive Distant Reiki healing, but it's best to lie down and be still. The recipient and the practitioner can agree on a time beforehand, and the person receiving simply needs to sit or lie down for the specified amount of time. The effects of distant healing are virtually no different than hands-on healing. An experienced Reiki healer can send healing energy to a person anywhere in the world. The energy transmissions in a remote session are just as strong as if they were delivered in person directly with the hands. You can also order distant healing for your loved ones. It is best to know they are receiving a Distant Reiki treatment to be open to receiving the most benefit.
The practitioner and recipient agree on a specific time and date for the session, and the recipient can prepare by setting up a specific time to lie down or meditate during the session if they wish. 

The session can be conducted over the phone or online using video conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, or Facetime. Before the session begins, the practitioner may ask the client to fill out an intake form or have a discussion to understand their needs and intentions for the session. The recipient then lies down or sits comfortably, with head support recommended for greater relaxation.

Alternatively, the recipient can email a photo of themselves to the practitioner before the session, along with their name, age, location, and any intention they have for the session. This information helps the practitioner connect with the client if they have not met before. There is no requirement to speak online or by phone; it's up to the preferences of the practitioner and client. The client rests comfortably or meditates during the session. After the session, the practitioner and client may have a brief discussion or exchange emails to share any observations or ask questions.

Using Distant Reiki to Heal Past & Address Future Events

A Reiki master can reach back in time to address and heal traumatizing issues from the past to help with future success. Research studies in neuroplasticity and growth-mindset psychology have shown that Reiki enables this kind of energy manipulation. 

What’s more, Reiki can also be sent through time to situations that occurred in the past and events that will happen in the future. For people who struggle with acceptance of past trauma or worry excessively about future scenarios, a Reiki treatment can facilitate healing and help manifest future betterment.

Let’s say a client with an eating disorder, which they attribute to a controlling parent which is now deceased, contacts me from another country. By sending Distant Reiki to that past relationship, the client can release the anxieties that stem from this lack of control. By feeling more in control of their life, they can begin to incorporate healthier food habits. The same hold true for future events. I had a client call me for a Distant Reiki session to prepare her for a law exam that she anticipated taking in six months. She was suffering extreme anxiety over the thought of failing the exam. Since we had the date of the exam, I was able to perform a Distant Reiki healing. Six months later she passed the bar exam.