bio mat cotton pad
biomat cotton pad

BioMat Cotton Pad

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The 100% cotton pad assists with the infrared ray transmission while protecting your Biomat and ensuring its longevity. This pad is available as a replacement for the original Biomat cotton pad.

Thick elastic straps on each corner slide easily over the corners of your Biomat, so it stays securely in place.

Available in the following sizes:

  • King Biomat Cotton Pad
  • Queen Biomat Cotton Pad
  • Single Biomat Cotton Pad
  • Professional Biomat Cotton Pad
  • Mini Biomat Cotton Pad

The Biomat cotton pad is designed to fit your Biomat and protect it from the wear of daily use. This 100% cotton pad promotes the transmission of far infrared rays from your Biomat to your body, ensuring you receive the most benefit from your Biomat sessions.

The cotton pad is available as a replacement for the original that comes with the purchase of each Biomat. There is no need to purchase this cotton cover with your Biomat unless you would like a second cotton pad to alternate with the other one that comes with the Biomat.

It has thick elastic straps that slide over the corners of your Biomat to keep it firmly in place.

Launder cold or warm water, and line dry. is an Authorized Richway Distributor


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