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In-Person Reiki Session With Lynn Marie

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 While Reiki is typically hands-off, my lineage incorporates light touch on the back of the head and feet. Clients remain fully clothed and may be covered by a blanket for warmth and relaxation. Every practitioner has their approach, with some touching areas such as the knees, shoulders, or arms.

While the effects of reiki are immediate for most, some may notice them after their session. Common sensations include tingling, warmth, and deep relaxation. It's not uncommon for clients to fall asleep due to intense relaxation, and they may wake up with a renewed sense of awareness, clarity, or connection. Some may experience the sensation of being touched even when there is no physical contact. Every person's experience with reiki is unique and can differ each time, similar to a meditation. Trust that your session will bring exactly what you need on that particular day.


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