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World Peace Reiki

This wonderful energy is not only able to heal the anxiety and fear many people are feeling now, but also contains the energy to actively manifest a new level of peace in the world.

It is strong and potent. And while it respects free will, it openly makes itself known as a gift each person can choose to receive. Its value is so tangible and enticing that most people are likely to accept it. 

It is able to maintain peace within an individual, independent of what is happening around the person or in the world. It more completely unifies your divine consciousness with your human consciousness and connects you more deeply with the Spirit of the Earth. It also contains the power to guide you in how you live your life and to manifest opportunities to solve problems and create a life of greater peace and purpose for you. Once awakened in an individual, it continues to develop in noticeable ways.  And in fact, upon close examination, it may be the beginning of An-shin Ritsu-mei, the special state of consciousness given to Usui Sensei on Kurama Yama prior to receiving the gift of Reiki. This moment is a turning point in the world's history in which this higher level of peace consciousness is manifesting. 

This energy is provided for individual healing in a new Holy Fire® Experience called Empowered by the River of Peace. This Experience is similar to the Empowered by the River of Life Experience but upgraded to embody the World Peace energy. The ability to teach this class is given in the Master classes during the last of the four Ignitions—the World Peace Ignition.  

It has been noted by some that the transformation that takes place when this new energy is awakened can also create a healing process in which a student may feel somewhat out of sorts for a few days as previous concepts and energies are released and the new more beneficial energies become established. If you notice something like this happening, be aware that this is a sign that an important healing process is taking place and that your life is changing for the better.

The World Peace energy also works directly with the World Peace Reiki grids that have been placed at the North and South Poles, at the Reiki centers in Southfield, Michigan and Hana, Hawaii, in Jerusalem and in the main temple on Kurama Yama Japan.