Distant Reiki Healing
distant reiki healing with lynn marie
Distant Reiki Healing With Lynn Marie for 1 Day

Distant Reiki Healing With Lynn Marie for 1 Day

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Distant Reiki healing with Lynn Marie
Energy Healing for Adults, Children & Pets

Experience powerful healing directly from a Master Healer, to transform your life or the lives of your loved ones anywhere in the world. Thousands of people have benefited tremendously from Lynn Marie's healing gifts. The distance healing program is suited to you if you wish to benefit regularly from her healing transmission, irrespective of where you live in the world. 

The worldwide Distance Healing Program is designed to enhance every aspect of your life. With this remote healing, Reiki Master Lynn Marie will boost your system with life force and vitality using the divine energies of love, light, peace and chi (universal life-force). This will naturally strengthen your immune system as well as clear out many years of unwanted fear and negativity from your mind and nervous system.

Distant Reiki sessions work because energy is not limited by distance. Distance is only a physical limitation, so sessions can be done without clients being physically present. We are all connected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole. 

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Body, Mind & Soul Connection

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